Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How we met...The thousand time I say this story=)

I was a senior in High school and It was March and  I had broken up with my boyfriend a month before, so I was not looking for anyone or even wanted a new relationship. So anyways a month later  which would be March and it was a week before my birthday and spring break and this girl that I had for my first period said "hey, so my boyfriend is a marine and his friend  that is also a marine wants to go on a double date with us and he is looking for someone to hang out with" and I was like "uh ok sure why not? I could eat" lol....So days later I gave her my number so she could give to him. The following week, it was the day after my birthday  and I was not feeling that great b/c for some reason I felt old I have no idea why....anways later on that day which Im pretty sure It was on a wednesday at about 4:00 the phone rang and my sister answered they said "Is daisy there?" my sister was like "uh daisy?" Do you mean Diana? "He said yeah sorry" So I grabbed the phone and It was Jaime, he sounded so cute on the phone I mean like really cute! We didnt talk that long he just asked me some question like what was I doing and we started talking about Harry Potter, that was the book I was reading. And he said he had just came out of work at the base I was like oh ok what do you do there? Question like that.

So On our date which was Friday  I was so excited it was my first blind date-ish. I told my friends to call me to tell me something happened just incase I didnt like the guy, but the other couple convinced me not to take my car so I was screwed. I had no idea what he looked like except for a voice, it was really exciting. So anyways It was time and they were outside so I left outside and I headed for my car first b/c I needed some gum. I  headed to the car and to my surprise Jaime did not look like anything I expect he was very very skinny and kind of built and he was one of those skater guys, I dated guys like football players and mostly athletic people b/c well thats what I did in high school too. So then he shaked my hand and then began then night.

Lets just say the night didnt go well at ALL. We went to the movies and I tried to talk to him but he seemed shy,so during the movie I tried to play it dumb and tried to pretent the movie was scaring me but he never once like touch my leg and said it was alright or something. So I was like "ok dude I guess?" So we left and  I tired talking to him again and he was just texting away so I totally gave up and was ready to go. We ate some food then they dropped him off and he said 'it was nice to meet me' and I said it too and so he left and then they were going to my house and they we asking me what I thought of him and I was like "uh yeah I dont think so", "he didnt even look like he was interested so yeah I dont think so."

So I got home super upset that I wasted a night of my life. My mom and my sister asked how it went and I was like "uh, it was the worst date ever" and they said "why" I said,"Because he's one of those skater guys and he didnt even talk to me that much", And then I told them the words that they always make fun of me for saying, "I really doubt I will ever see that guy again.".........Little did I know, I was going to marry him just 4 months later.

This is the only picture I have of us while we were dating.
It was my Senior Prom.=)


emily said...

Great Story! :)

Luna said...

i want to know more!!! lol...that was such a good story!!! :) y como continuooo??ahahaha..for real girl!! esta muy buena la historia