Friday, September 10, 2010

Five question Friday

It's Friday:)! I have alot of Homework this weekend, boo to that! Today Megan and I are going to stay in and watch movies, Jaime has drill this weekend so hopefully I can go shopping without someone in my ear asking how much everything cost lol.  I dont really have anything planned for this weekend except for doing some Homework and maybe getting Megan her first doll house  but other than that it's going to be a boring weekend without the hubs.

1. Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?

I used to feel really quilty spending money on myself b/c I want Megan to have the best clothes but now that Im able to balance Megans clothes and Mine I dont feel so bad getting clothes for Me and not for her b/c Im always buying her clothes. Right now she has alot of clothes that I bought her all summer long for fall, so she is for sure set for all of the fall:)

2. How well do you know your neighbors?
I honestly dont know too much about the neighbors, I think some people on my street are cheating on each other but thats all I know. I try not to get into peoples business.

3. What age are you looking forward to being?
I love the age that Im in right now..21, is an awesome age. I wish I didnt have to get older.
This is the age I have been looking forward to since I was 17.

4. Do you get excited when the mail comes? Why?
I do get excited when the mail comes...and to be comletely honest I have no idea why. When I order something online then I understand why Im anxious when I see the mail man but If Im not waiting for anything at all, it's so weird how I look forward to getting the I guess it's something I'll never know.

5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
The earliest I remember is being with my cousins at their house and we were playing tag and I remember hiding behind their tree and I also remember one of my cousins having chicken pox which I later got during the week.Thats all I remember, I have really bad memory.
This is us all grown up we are missing Amy and our other other coursin Angel

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