Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No! No! September is here!

Which means my husband is leaving very very soon,it's unbelieveable. We went to the base that we have here, for reservist and we went to get enrolled in deers b/c apartently we didnt ,idk weird. So Jaime forgot our marriage license and he forgot my SS, if I did it I would have gotten everything but Im just saying. Why didnt I do it? I was in school and didnt have time to look for everything he needed,plus he was not even awake when I left for school.hahah actually Megan and Jaime we not even awake when I left for school.

I had my first speech today, I was nervous,wait scratch that super nervous, but I did it I survived and I still need two more for this semester, But I did not feel alone, I thought I was the only one that was going to school and had a daughter. Turns out alot of girl my age are in school and are the same age as megan so that was nice, Im sure I will get to know them as the year goes on b/c I have them for some classes so we will see with that. I have some pictures and a video I wanted share for some reason I dont feel like posting pictures of Facebook, I have no idea why . Please dont ask why I have no idea lol. So here are pictures of random things oh and a video of me playing a game from A minute to win it.
This wine is soo good, We had been searching for a wine that tasted good and this one is the winner for sure:)

Ive always seen this photo everywhere, a whole bunch of wives do these, and I just wanted to be part of it. Jaime really liked it.

Barney is a very Important person in our lives, Megan is in love with Barney! I do love that she likes Barney than Yo Gabba Gabba and no offense to anyone that watchs it But I find that show very annoying, I love barney!:)
Mini Blizzards

She is so precious she slept with her little stuffed animal which is mine btw, but she grabbed it then went to sleep.

Megan always taking the controler away from whoever

Mommy and Megan at Chilis with Momma's best friend

Megan is now the proud owner of a portable DVD player, we got this for our car b/c she is afraid for the dark in the car, and I cant blame her, so yeah she loves it.

First time at chuckie cheeses:)

Momma and Megan

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