Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Five & Pre-deployment A.T

This weeks topic is...

5 shows that are coming back on fall that you have missed over the Summer! That's right we are talking TV AGAIN!!!
Grey's Anatomy
                          I just stated to see this show after me being MIA from this
                                                 but Im loving it:) got alot to catch up on.

Vampire Diaries


Quints by Surprise
This one is new does but I love it!

They are so cute! I love the parents they are so funny and smart:)

Keeping up with the kardashians

The Big Band Theory

Pre-deployment A.T is officially here and It's just Megan and I for awhile. I think Im doing pretty good, I have a plan to bury myself in my work and Megan. I cant wait to spent some mother daughter time with Megan. Of course Im gonna miss Jaime and Im sure Im gonna break down when Im alone or at night. So this is just the begining and I think Im gonna kick this Training and deployment right in the a!!:)

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Lisa said...

I just started watching Quints by Surpise and LOVE it! Super cute family!