Monday, October 11, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Baby Shock I was talking to Jaime yesterday this was the conversation
Me:honey we are having another baby and you cant say No,
Jaime:ok, but....we have to wait three years.
Me: I'll take it:)
Halloween Costume Im having a really hard time deciding what I want Megan to be for this halloween, I wanted her to be  Jessie from Toy Story but I have not found one yet, then a pumpkin,and I bought one but it does not fit her all that well. ugh! mom dilemmas:)
Beauty and the Beast I have been wanting to get this movie for a week now,everytime it comes on the tv she's like "ooo",shes funny.So I know Im gonna get this movie for her,she my princess,what can I do.

I miss my hubby I text him everyday thankfully but still I need him here like days today, my car is not working:( I want to take out another car but I know that if I do it will mess up house plans:/ oh how I miss my husband,he annoys me,but I would give anything to have him home.

My picture for hubby

Happy Monday everyone:)

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Abramyan Avenue said...

Love your post! I can't imagine what it would be like to not have my husband here. He recently went out of town for three days and I spent the first day crying! I have never been with out him that long. And he makes all the decisions..I was so scared that I might have to make a decision. And it was the first time I have ever been alone with our girls. They are 9 & 14 but it still scared me! I definitely commend and admire you!!