Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A wee bit of me Wednesday

{one} grilled or fried?
Ooo fried is good,well it tastes good, I dont think it's good for your health.

{two} if you could change one thing about where you live, without worrying about money, what would you change?
Make more rooms with two living rooms:)

{three} what is your favorite time of day?
I think I like the mid time of the day,I get to have some alone time b/c Megan is sound asleep and I can actually hear myself think.haha

{four} what’s your favorite cereal?
I really love lucky charms,idk I have always liked them since I was a little kid.

{five} do you open your mouth when you put mascara on?
haha yes I hate sometimes when I catch myself I close it.

{six} if you could make any fictional character come to life, which would it be?
The little mermaid,wow that would be awesome to see a mermaid!:)

{seven} what are your favorite pizza toppings?
Well I have not had pizza for a year and a half now and I really wish I could eat it but I cant for other reasons but My favorite toppings was Pepperoni!

{eight} are you a heavy or a light sleeper?
I think Im in the middle It just depends on how tired I was during the day.
{nine} what is your favorite board game?
hmm I enjoy Monopoly alot, We all screw each other over it's

{ten} what star/celebrity do most people say you look like?
Michele Rodriguez

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