Friday, November 12, 2010

fill in the blank friday

1.The most spontaneous thing I've ever done   ok I dont know if this falls in this category but here we go. We went to Corpus to visit the City for no reason and we went to the Aquarium and I will never forget when I said you know what I wanna do something I would never even wanna do. Im gonna touch a stingray! So Jaime laughed cuz I dont do stuff like that, But i touched it!!!!! Before I touched he said if I did then he would. lol he was more scared then what I was. Best memory I have of that trip!

2. The Best gift I ever received not including my daughter, I would say my iPod, my parents are the kind of parents that yank your chain on what they will get for you on your birthday, so you wanna think they are getting you a nice gift but you might not get the one you

This is the one I had except it was grey

  A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised me was when Jaime and I were just dating (he was in training for two weeks) and he told me that he was on the bus on his way home and I was like ok great, this was about 11 pm and then he says "I love trampolines" and Im like huh? and he tells me to look outside my window, and there he was all sexy;) Awesome surprise!!

I can't leave the house without  my iPod,Cellphone,and chapstick!!

My favorite day of the week is friday because it's the begining of the weekend, lets say that you are out having fun and then the next day your like I wanna do that again, well you can!!! I love friday!!!

Something that can always make me laugh, there is always this memory that always make me laugh, The next day after megan was born, it was Jaime's first time changing a babies diaper EVER! well he put that diaper backwards. That is the best/cutest/funniest thing ever!

My perfect day would include Jaime and I taking the day together and staying in bed and eating in bed & talking to each other & watching tv. Eating junk food and some chilis. Having some sexy time best day of doing absolutley nothing!!!!!


EKN said...

<3 :o)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Bahahah! I loved your answers!

Your daughter is beautiful, FYI. The memory of your hubs changing the diaper is too cute. And "sexy time" is definitely part of a perfect day.