Monday, November 8, 2010

Miscellany Monday:)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{History} I finished my 4 page history paper! I cant beleive that I actually finished two weeks before the due date so Im freaking happy for that!!!

{Usmc attire} So I have been loloking for a jersey that is pink, so that I can put Lcpl Gonzalez on the back of the jersey but I still have not found one yet. I anyone knows where I could find one, that would be awesome!

{Harry Potter} ok is anyone else freakin excited that  part one of the finaly piece of Harry potter is coming out soon. Call me a nerd but I love Harry Potter. The books are just amazing and Im that kind of person that believe in magic(the good kind)& thinks every parent should have an imagination for their children.

I need to shop so bad!! It's getting cold and I know that Megan needs some clothes but Until we get paid then we can shop, all my bills will be paid and then I can go play. I dont think most people know how to manage money. My thing is that you pay your bills and then you can go and spend money for you or to play with,I guess.

Sorry I dont have alot to say today.
Hope ya'll have a great Monday:)

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