Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

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{Sweet girl} So my daughter for some reason, everyone one likes to do stuff to her. She is the sweetest little girl why children feel the need to touch her hair or pull it, is beyond me. My baby is so sweet to everyone. I dont understand why parents dont teach their children from right and wrong. Oh and parents need to learn how to dicipline this is why there are many many people in prison!

{Houses} I have no idea what the first step to buying a house. Im really scared that when we get to that day that Jaime comes home It's like 'ok lets find our home' were gonna be like ok what do we do first. We want to go through VA but I have no idea how to do that. We did call during that summer and they said that we needed to apply with a bank, I think we chose bank of America and they said that we were approved but we barely passed it so he said to be on the safe side we need to pick it up more. So we thought of getting a card but Im not sure if we want to do that, because my mom has brainwashed me that credit cards are bad.  So we have gotten loans out just to get our credit score higher so Im hoping that,that has help. I mean we are not asking for like a 100,000 dollar home we are looking for a fixer-uper and something that we can say "yeah we built that room" "yeah we remodeled that".  So we dont want something expensive. But right now I just wish I could talk to someone who went through all this.

{Plane ticket #2} Yes I bought another plane ticket. It $200 more than the first one and Im not happy about it at all but holding my husband for christmas is pricless:)(that would be an awesome commercial). So hubby will be here for christmas:)

{Black Friday}Who is excited for Black Friday!!?? I cant wait for that day. Jaime has been really exhausted these past couple of days because they have not given them time off so he's tired.  So I was thinking that maybe I should go by myself but Jaime really wants to go to see all the crazy people ripping stuff away.  

{Dolls} ok so my daughter is 21 months old and she has barely found love for dolls. oh she is just so adorable with her dolls. It is amazing watching her play with her stroller and she is pushing her baby everywere. I have yet to buy her another doll toy, I think more than likely Im gonna get her a dollhouse for christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the home buying process when the time comes! It is overwhelming but very worth it in the end! Your daughter is cute!

LivKit said...

I am excited for black friday! and I can not wait till Im buying my own home! :) and your daughter is absolutely adorable..