Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday & Blessing Box

Top  2 Favorite things you have ever received.
(Besides Jaime and Megan)

I was so in love with snow boots and I had always wanted them for such a long time. Finally my family gets the hint and got me some snow boots for Christmas. If I remember correctly it was the Christmas I was still pregnant with Megan. It was so funny because I love my boots so much I wore them all the time, but they were sometimes really heavy I felt like those fat Chinese wrestlers trying to pick my feet

This gift was given to me buy my first boyfriend, It was one of the cutest gifts ever! We were only 14 but he was always so creative. For our 2 months anniversary, he got me this lollipop cookie in shape of a bear and it said" (boyfriends name) and Diana", when I saw it, I was like oh my god and then he gave me a mixed CD of all romantic songs that he loved listening to because of He was so cute. Unfortunately when we got to high school he broke with me for no reason:( I still don't know why he broke my heart.:( Anyways  this picture kind of looks like the cookie he got me:)

Picture is horrible I know, it was the only one that kind of looked like it:)

{One} I am blessed to have my husband at home. He makes everything better:)

Taken by phone

{Two} I received a B on my test exam. I am so fortunate that I am passing my classes and that Im managing my time right:)

What are your favorite top 2 gifts and what are you blessed to have in your life? Go link up your answers with undomestic momma & Extraordinary Love:)


Hanna said...

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Kit said...

Great pics! I love my Uggs too!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

cute picks!!

hollyh said...

Love the Blessing Box! Too cute!