Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend recap!

Mr. G is gone again:(
[Insert sad song here]

He left a couple of days ago, and It hurts bad. I was holding back my tears the whole time, I dont think I looked nice that day. It was a really bad day for me. When I got home, I just tried to not think about when Jaime was coming home. Im taking it day by day and making a time line of when I get to see him and count the days down like that as opposed to counting down to a year from now. He is now active duty and I cannot wait to see him which is sooner that you think:)

Here are some photos of that day, I would have posted more but I am so sleeepppyyyy:)

Till next time:)

1 comment :

Kaylee said...

I love the pictures! Way to go you for staying positive, it's so important, but it is okay to cry too.

Good luck and the time will fly by!