Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Im loving Wednesday

I'm loving that I know some wives in Jaime's unit=) I dont feel as alone as I did the first time pre-deployment training was going on.

I'm loving that my daughter knows how to poop in the potty! Or she at least nows what to do when you get on the potty=)

I'm Loving this shirt, the hubbs is a mechanic and I have been wanting to get a shirt that said this=)

Mechanic Wife Shirt
Except the camo text.

I'm loving that it's the Marine Corps birthday and the hubbs is gonna get off early and he is gonna have a good dinner. It worries me when he does not eat.

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Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Happy birthday to the Marine Corps!

Kit said...

I heard about the Marines birthday today on the radio! He is doing a great thing for our country...I know that you are so proud!

Eva said...

haha, it's funny how when you become a parent you all of a sudden get excited about poop! :P