Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Military Apparel

Another Marine wife and I were talking and we both made a huge mistake on the first Deployment our husbands went on.

We feel we were not as involved as we should have been so this time is going to be different.

I have already bought my First Military wife shirts, because I have never owned one that said 'marine wife' on a t-shirt. I just ordered them yesterday, Im excited for this.

I also want to get a two big ribbons to put on our tree because I didnt do it the first time.

"Afghanistan is no Iraq", is what I keep hearing and it is breaking me.

So Im going to do whatever it takes to make my husbands job as easy as I can.

Meaning, not talking to him about problems at home, or Megan being sick, or my car making a funny noise.

So here are the shirts I ordered.

(The first one is my favorite:))


Gris said...

Those are nice shirts. Have you ever thought about getting a ACU bag? Well I say you should get one lol. I have one and I love it, they did mine out of his uniform. I can e-mail you a picture if you want.

FemminaDaVinci said...

Be careful about putting yellow ribbons up. They tell you at some FRG meetings not to do that because burglars target houses with them because they know the man is away...