Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here we go again.......

So it's Official....we have started Deployment #2 and most likely our last one.
Last deployment I was a wreck, I mean I cried everysingle day, in class, at church, at the market. I mean I was not strong at all, which was probably the reason I fell into depression last time.

This time is different, I know Im strong enough this time, and the person who is making me not think so much of Jaime is my princess. Im so blessed to have her with me,she keeps me on my toes everyday. So it's been a couple of days since he has been overseas and I have not shed a tear which I am proud of myself.

I hope ya'll dont get me wrong, I wish I could cry, I really do. But my daughter gets this worried face when she sees me cry so I most likely wont be crying in front of her. & if I let all my feelings show I really will probably fail all my classes like I did on last deployment, and I cant afford to do that again. My GPA is really really high for me to go under depression.

I already did his 1st carepackage already:)
I think I did a pretty good job at it, if I do say so myself:)

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile I have been in a bloggy funk:P
But Im sure only a few of you read this anyways:)

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Gris said...

Aaawww that's really nice. He's going to love it.

Come back to the blogging world soon. ;)