Sunday, February 13, 2011

How the hubbs got home in below 20 degrees.

There was a huge winter storm as most of you know that
 happened around the 1st to the 5th of February.
My husband was scheduled to come home for a 96.
He did come home to my surprise! The only thning was that his flight got canceled when he arrived to Dallas.  Luckly there was a flight from Dallas to Austin.
 So they took that one.
So when they arrived to Austin they thought hey lets drive home from here.
All flights were being canceled left and right so they got a rental and headed home in the horrible storm, so for 7 hours I was a wreck I mean I was worried like crazy!!

My dad was about to head to the store and he says "ok so does anyone want anything."
I was like "yes something with alcohol would be nice."
Oh I was so worried for my husband. He's a very brave man to have came home in the freezing weather.

 So this is Thursday when the storm was really bad. And my hubby and the other marine headed home on a rental from Austin to the south of Texas.
It was a very very long drive and when I saw that car pull in the drive way.
 I had to run to him and give him a very big hug.
 It was just a relief when I saw him. Hes very special to me<3

He told us there was ice on the roads and he saw crashes. Oh gosh Im just so happy he was home, when he was telling us what happend on the way home.

I slept so peaceful that night & I was so happy he was home with us even though a couple of hours was taken from us.

On friday the roads were clearing up, so our storm only lasted maybe a day and a half.
We has made reservations about two weeks ago to spend some time at South Padre Island and so on Friday we headed to the Island and spent some alone time;)

I has lots of fun laughing and joking with my husband.
He held me while I fell asleep in his arms.
That feeling is the best and it does not come often because the hubbs
says that those rare moments are the
ones that you remember:) So he does not do it often.

So here are some pictures from that storm:)

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Gris said...

That's so crazy, he is really brave. My Fiance would do the same thing, be all brave.

Glad you alone time with him.