Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday-(weekend recap edition)

Im watching High school Musical! I love that movie<3
One of my best friends and I were so into this movie back in our high school days.

[UPS] So remember when I post about my hubby and his comp.
I sent in Jaime's computer finally!
Im really hoping I did not get any numbers wrong on the address and everything comes out ok in the end.
Hopfully I will know if they are going to be able
 to fix the computer or give us a brand new one.
Im secretly hoping for a new one, but having the computer back,fixed, is just as good:)

{Best Buy} I went to a Best Buy to buy me and Jaime a netbook and a laptop. The netbook for him and laptop for me. Later on we'll get a desktop but for now we are buying abother laptop. So the best buy that is closest to where I live is about 20 minutes away if I go on the expressway. When I arrived I had a hard time getting Megan together and her diaper bad and everything else she needed. I went inside and went straight to the computer section and of course all the workers were busy so I waited for them to finish with their costumer. I finally get some help after 30 minutes:(
Come to find out neither of the computers we were was looking for were in stock:(
I was so sad, I was really looking forward to getting a new laptop.
So I had to buy both computers in a couple of days I will have a new comp!!! Yay!

{Abby Jo} Megan and I went to a birthday party this weekend it was one of our little cousins,she turned 2 just like Megan. They are only 10 days apart!

These are just some of the pictures I took at the party


{Outlet mall} On sunday a friend of mine and I went to the outlets because Im so in need of some good pair of pants(not that I bought them) instead I bought Megan some clothes,whats new right?:)
We had a tough time with our 2 and 3 year olds so we could not really shop but I still had a good time.
We are gonna go shopping again next weekend just me and her and possible another girl we know:)
I am though kind of regreting going shopping because Im so in pain with my legs and we have no advil or tylenol medication!!AHH! This is what I get for being out of shape:p

I took a few shots of Megan being super cute!

She is such a shopaholic, every store she was like "look mommy" and then she would get  down some clothes and show them to me,  I bought her some shoes and she would not stop talking about them and showing them to her grandma and grandpa:) she is so cute!

We also had a BBQ that day too.
 To sum it all up.
 Perfect weekend:)

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