Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Valentines

*We were on our way to South Padre Island. The light house has a heart on it:)

I love Valentines day!!!

*This was from Valentines 2008
But not this year, I asked megan to be my valentines and she told me to "hod on"(her words).

So Im hoping anyday now she will give me an answer hehe:)

I will be sending my husband his valentines day gift in a carepackage,

I told him I dont expect anything from him because I dont and besided he has bought me a phone

* I LOVE this phone!!!


now he is going to buy me a computer.
Which I have not decided on one, but I know for sure I want an HP, but I have
yet to pick it out.

This is what I got for Megan

*taken by phone
I finally bought megan a sock monkey!
 I love it! I only got her a few
chocolates because
Im sure she is going to have a party at her daycare.
Megan will be 2 tomorrow!! wish me luck I dont bawl like a baby:(
This is what I got her as a preview for her gift.
I am going to get her something else but not going to post up pics of that yet.:)
I hope she likes it:)

I have not told ya'll the story of how my husband came home.
Lets just say my husband is very brave!
And he came home on the day that the huge winter storm hit Texas.
I will save that story for a later post though.

I do wanna show ya'll a picture
of the stuff that one of
my husbands fellow marines got for Megan:)
He's the sweetest:)

Till Next time everyone:)

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