Sunday, February 13, 2011

School school school!!!!

I have had test like crazy every week and you know what they worst part is, they are all from the same class! I had a test last week and now I have another one this coming week!
 I mean SERIOUSLY! I need to breath! ugh!

 Im done with
 megans party(post a blog of that later) & now I just need a surgery and Im all set for the rest of the year:)
I have no huge plans anytime soon except for the surgery.
I should be getting the surgery on Spring break, If Im in luck I'll get it on my birthday:/(sarcasm).
So anyways just wanted to share what Ive been thinking for the past couple of days.

lol!!! this is kind of how I feel at night

P.S Happy Valentines day in advance:)

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