Tuesday, February 8, 2011

:) Update and some Romantic news

Hi everyone, ok I have to admit I miss blogging and I hate that I dont have time to blog. The only reason Im blogging now is because I finished all my work and I got a B on my math Test!Yeay! So my present to myself is to blog. It's so weird how I miss blogging.

I am going to update on Megan and Jaime really quick.(not so much "quick")
Megan is doing great she turns 2 on Thursday! My litttle baby is turning 2. It sucks but Im very very happy and lucky that she is a healthy baby girl and growing everyday:) Her party is this weekend and Im dreading it. I really hate making parties they are so stressful so for sure Im not doing one next year! Unless she wants on of course. Im also going to take cupcakes to her daycare so they can celebrate with her too. Today I met a little friend of hers at the daycare it was so cute!

Jaime came for a couple of days for a 96 and he left on sunday, I didnt take alot of pictures this time around because I was just focusing on him. We had lots of fun and we tried for a baby, because I felt if something happend to him overseas and we didnt try before he left I would feel terrible. So we tried for a baby one last time and well, it didnt work I got my month visitor already so now I can say that we tried before he left if something does happen to him(god forbid that happens). He deploys this month and Im just trying to stay calm even though Im dying inside:/ I think Im pretty strong though.

taken by Ipod:/
I love him<3 even though he is such a hard man sometimes.

So on to my news...

A couple of months back I blogged about a wedding that I wanted, and that we were getting married on our 5th year anniversary!

 I thought to myself why do I need a BIG wedding?
This wedding is suppose to be about Jaime and I, and the love that we have.

See when I get remarried I want it to be just about us, I know it sounds selfish but I want to not think about anyone else but to marry my husband again and tell him that he has made me the happiest,and so forth,(cant write my vows here) and I want to be able to just have a day of just love<3

So I am thinking a Gazebo in the back yard with a thousand little twinkle lights surrounding it, maybe like 5 rounds table with basch clothe, small candles. I have more to describe but I think I will find the decorations in pictures.

oh oh but I will have a big dress! well maybe not big but I do want a princess type wedding dress. The dress is important to me! I have anways wanted the big-ish dress. So I am looking already.

I have two years to plan a small wedding:)

I am so excited for this wedding to be about Jaime and I. & not about feeding 200 people or the type of music they are going to like....uh NO! It's going to be about my husband and I, and How much we are enjoying out lives together and are very much in love:)

If our guest dont like the violinist playing or the music we want, they can leave!
but Im excited and proud to say I will have my dream wedding:)

I guess this is the perk of not trying for a second baby till after our 5 years anniversary:)

Her are some pictures I found that Im sure will kind of be similiar to the wedding I want:)
Found them on google Images.

This is what im thinking the centerpieces will be.
Most likely they will be.

This is exactly what Im thinking!
except there are more lights:) and the table is not gonna be there,
I wanna marry inside the gazebo.

This kind of looks like what I want. Not sure about the cloth design.

&& now for the good part!!
Im looking for a princess style wedding dress

Im also one of those girls that likes dresses and clothes simple.

dont not like all the beads and such on this this dress

Look at this one!!!
I love this one!

This is my favorite!!!!

I realized I dont know the colors I want for the wedding. I either want lavender or light green. Those are our favorite colors or maybe yellow. I gotta keep looking.

Thats all for now maybe I might start blogging more next week. I have school everyday and Im still trying to figure out how to balnace doing homwork:)


La Cabrona said...

awwww weddings are so beautful love ur ideas too btw! Anyways stay positive my friend... a little faith goes a long way and u and ur husband will be in my prayers!

Tales of Our Journey said...

I think ALL weddings should be about the Bride and Groom so I think your attitude is in the right place. Even though we had about 115 people at our wedding I never cared about them...just what we wanted. If they didn't like the food there was a McDonald's across the street! :o)

Planning is so much fun and the dresses you have picked are beautiful!