Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a simple sweater can do to a wife.

I received my husbands package today in the mail=)


and it was just stuff for Megan that a fellow marine bought for her=)
& she loved all the stuff that was in there.

& then I saw a sweater and it was wrapping my husbands computer because my husband was the genius that thought he could put more memory in it.

oh Jaime=) I love you.
Your an auto mechanic not a computer wiz=)

So when I took the computer out I smelled his shirt and
oh my god, I could not stop smiling and crying.
It smells so much like him.
I felt like a creep that smells peoples clothes for a second but gosh I really really missed smelling my husband.

It's my husbands scent & I missed it so much<3
It made my whole day!

It made me realize that a simple shirt could make my whole day bright up.
It was the best.

The famous sweater=)

On to other news: I sent my husband a Valentines package,which I think I mentioned it, well..
I sent it on Express mail which mean it usually gets there in two days!
I paid a good penny for that to get there ASAP because I dont know when my husband is leaving so I needed it to get there fast.

So I check the status of it yesterday and it said it was at the camp but that no one was authorized for sign for it! So after calling some people and trying to figure out why my husband had not recieved it....

He finally received it a couple of hours ago and he loved it! or  at least thats what he says.
maybe he's just saying it so I wont feel bad.
I am the worst gift giver, which is why I dread Christmas:/

His box contained Two psp games, one was a hunting game(he's a country boy at heart)
and a war game,which I was not too sure of getting him because I think he has like all of them but I still bought it for him, some chex mix covered in chocolate, Some other kinds of chocolates,Pistachios, and a sock monkey,and a valentines day card=)
I would have gotten him more things and food but my husband is EXTREMELY picky!

I miss him. Im sorry I talk about him alot. He really is my best friend.

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