Monday, February 28, 2011

What works for my marriage, may not work for yours...

I was with a couple of my friends on Sunday and I could not help but notice how they talk about their husbands and what they do with them,and how they are with them.

Please note: I love these girls & their marriages are in great shape Im just pointing out something I noticed.

I realized that most of the things that go on, on their marriage does not work for mine.

Example: In the last minute we were told we could visit our husbands and the price to a ticket was close to a thousand just for the ticket! of course  you also have to add hotel and car and food and the list goes my husband and I talked about it and we both decided that spending close to 2,000 for just 1 day and a half was just crazy.

So my friend was telling me that she spent all that money without telling her husband and she went to visit him. I dont know if that is cute or stupid. Anyways she said her husband was upset at first but after awhile he didnt really care.

Now if I had done that to Jaime after we had discussed it,he would have hung me and would not have let me forget it =)

Here is another example:
My husband and I have this strict no cursing rule, we may be old fashion, but NEVER NEVER have we ever cursed at each other. I think the worst Ive called him is a jerk, but he admits he sometimes is. Even when we have an argument we just say what we want to say without bad words. Thats not hard at all if you really try it.

So my friends were telling me something about their husbands and they were cursing about them!! Ugh I felt like nails on a chalk board. I hardly ever curse. I can,t it sounds disgusting on a woman.(my opinion).  I know what you thinking "dude you can't be serious!"

Yes occasionally I do curse when things are not going my way but I say them, when no one is near me.

I just wanted to share this observation,that I thought was very interesting.

oh and btw I finally got my laptop!
& Im trying to change my background,which is the reason why
it looks all weird :)hehe

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Rebekah said...

Dylan would kill me if I spent that money. It's crazy to me, but to each their own. I'm not in the habit of cursing, but I will admit, it's come out of both of our mouths in a really big disagreement. Thankfully we try to act like civil people most of the time. :)