Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Boy Perez

A friend of mine text me on Wednesday morning telling me
 that she was having a
 baby boy!!!

I was so excited for her!
They have two girls that are the age of 2 and 3, and of course her husband is not
here,he is in the same company that my husband is in as well, but when she found out she told him right away

They were so sure that they were having another girl:)
but to their surprise it's a boy
 and I am so excited for them:)

This past weekend I went to get her a few things for her baby boy
I could not help myself:)

 I secretly wish I was
 also having a boy and Im not even pregnant.
So I bought her a few onsies and I am going to mail them tomorrow along with
Jaime's carepackages:)

Most likely I will get her more things:)
I love looking at boy clothes

I told Jaime this morning that I was going to buy some clothes for our future boy but who knows if we are going to have our baby boy.

Happy Sunday:)

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