Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bargain shopper

I have probably mentioned this before but I am a huge bargain shopper,
 I CANNOT buy things that are regular price, of course
 if there are thing that I absolutely need then of course
 I have to buy the retail price but lets say clothes or little knick nacks(sp?)
yeah I have to always go with the stuff on clearance.

Today for example I had to get out of my house,because I have been cooped up
here because of my surgery but I needed some shopping time.
So My sister and I went to Khols to just see what was what, so of course the first thing I do,
Is head to the toddler section.

Uh hello 50%,60%,70% OFF!!
I mean I bought alot of clothes for her, and I never paid for the retail price!
I love shopping in the clearance section!

& last night......

Mandy from My Life in the Making posted about a photo book company that she really liked awhile back, I finally decided to
 put all my pictures together and I made my first book!!
It took 3 hours to process, but when I was done they were charging me $$ a good amount of money then on the bottom there was a coupon and about a percentage off.
Well instead of it charging me $$ it only charged me $33.50 & that amount is usually the amount I spend on just getting the photos developed so I think all in all,It was a pretty good buy!

I cant wait to get my photobook in the mail!

If ya'll are courious as to what company Im talking about it is Picaboo.

I will post pictures later on how it comes out=)

I hope ya'll have a great Saturday!!

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