Monday, March 21, 2011

Dont Judge me Im only Human!

Lately I have been on looking at Bows I can buy.
Lets be honesly some of them are on the expensive side.
I used to make some of Megans and some of the ones she still wears that I have made are my favorite.

But since I have started school it's not easy to sit down
 for 2-3 hours at a time to do these bows. So I have to actually
search for the ones that
 I think are reasonably priced.
Cuz lets face it my husband would kill me if he knew I
 spent more than $10.00 on just one bow.

So today when I spoke with my husband I told him that I bought some bows for Megan and he was like
"uh you mean you made them".
(oh Jaime you make me laugh!)

I bought some news bows for the princess because
 the ones I have are kind of old already,
 so this week I will be
 putting some bows in boxes
 just in case I have another girl down the road.

These are the bows I got for her=)

I even got a certain percentage off! SCORE!

A couple of days ago I asked my husband if I could take megan to get some
easter portraits done=)

He said yes so I bought megan a very cute yellow dress from Carters
this was before I even had in mind the portrait, I was just gonna make her wear it for Easter.

So I was thinking ok I need a bow...
 I dont have a yellow one or
 I should say a new yellow bow.

So I was searching for the longest time on and found a cheap pretty bow and I also got like 1.50 off!

Then I was thinking "hey I bought Megan a 4th of July shirt already,she needs a bow!"

So I found this one,from the same shop which gave me $1.00 shipping!

I know what your thinking, Crazy mom needs to go back to school already!
hahaha, yeah I think I do need to go back to school!.
Luckly I go back tomorrow=)

I wanted to show you all really quick the shirt I bought for megan for 4th of July!

Thought it was super cute, still debating if I should buy myself a shirt
 for this Occasion, Time will tell=)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday=)

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La Cabrona said...

awww i love the bows.... a lady here in town makes those hats and bands for little girls,and like $1.00 she charges for each.. they are so cute.. wish i had a little girl to dress up in flowers :)