Saturday, March 5, 2011

I hate it when he is right:)

My husband is a huge money saver. I mean all the time we get paid he always calls  or messages me and
asks "Did you put money in the savings".
Super annoying
(haha joking)
ok a month ago we came up with a number that we thought about
put in the savings and we both agreed.

So this past time that he got paid I put a certain amount in the savings but it was not the amount we agreed to.
(why? you say)
I have no clue, I guess because sometimes I feel like Im going to overdraft in my checking and I dont want that.

But as I was going over our bills and I paid more than half already I realized my husband was right when he said" you have plenty of money to have fun with even after bills".

Ugh I hate it when he is right.

So he won and I put the whole
amount,so now I have to actually check what Im buying and the price.
just kidding he always jokes that I never look at prices.
which I do:)

This is a picture he sent me from his destination:)
It's my nickname he calls me

I hope ya'll have a great Saturday
 mine was kind of ruined
 by the rain because I was going to put yellow ribbons on my
 tree today but it will have to be postpone.

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