Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keeping busy

Waking up without you

It doesn't feel right

To sleep with only memories

It's harder every night

Sometimes I think I can feel you breathing on my neck

<3 Framing Hanley

I love that song, and when Im feeling sad this is the song I think of.

There is something that I realized today while I was driving,
I always keep myself busy,it's not very hard to do if you really put your mind to work.
School takes up half my time, and megan the other half.
But keeping busy does not mean that Im going to feel better about my husband not being home.
For me it's just postponing the tears that eventually Im going to cry out anyways.
So really Im just not crying as much as I would if I was not busy.
If that makes sense.
What I mean is it would be alot worse If I didnt stay busy I guess.

Tomorrow I am going to Target and I also am
 going to change my oil and get a sticker for my car.
Im most likely going to get a two books to keep me busy while
 Im waiting at the recovery room after my operation on Thursday.
 Im going to do everything in my power to have my daughter come into my room,
I really need my little girl that looks exactly like her
 daddy next to me,shes the closest thing I have to him.
I hope everyone is having a great Tuseday:)

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