Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Ooo This Miscellany Monday is perfect I have so much to share:)
Link up with Carissa.


I finally shipped off Jaime's carepackages!
& I had the best feeling doing it again.
I mean of course I wanted to cry right in front of everyone,
 but I kept it together and just stared at the boxes
like "you are going to my husband" kind of look.

2. Toy Story Disney on Ice

I bought Megan 4 tickets to see Toy story on Ice in April.
I'm super excited to take her.
It's a huge toss up though if she is gonna be scared or really excited.
I think we will be ok if they just stay on the rink:)
I invited my mom and my little sister to come with us,
so that is why there are 4 tickets.
I cant wait to blog about this:)

3.Army Wives

I had watched one episode of Army wives and I hated it!
Then I  thought on Friday maybe just maybe I could give it a try.
So I looked on Netflix and to my surprise they have all seasons!
So I am starting on Season 1 and I am loving it!

4. Surgery

I will be getting galbladder surgery on March 17, it was suppose to be on
March 15th,but for some reason my doctor changed it.
Im pretty scared about it, I thought I would be worried like crazy but Im not
because he said I should be ok, and that he should not have problem considering my age and my health is in
perfect condition, so thats put me at ease.
He said I might not even remember going into the operating
 room,because he is going to give me some kind of drug to ease
 me so Im looking forward to that:)

5. 22nd Birthday

I will be 22 on March 13th:)
Pretty excited abou that,well kind of:)
Im getting a little bit older which is a bumer.
I wish I could  just stay 21 forver.
Where is Edward Cullen when you need him.hahaha

6.Easter Candy
Does anyone eat this kind of Easter candy?
I could eat this candy all day long,but of course I cant,
but when you get a chance get a bag of this candy.
7. Dinner Recipes

The book on the right is the book I bought to write all the recipes I have.
I started yesterday night and I got to page 3.
Im partly doing this because my husband does not like eating the same things
every week so, this is really partly for him,
I sent him a letter stating I was doing this for him, he will most likely laugh.hahaha


Dirt On The Rocks said...

I love your blog and I absolutely enjoyed reading your miscellany monday post. My little boy loves Toy Story which is funny because he has yet to see a movie lol. However, Toy Story on ice sounds awesome. Good luck with your surgery and I hope all goes well and you recover well.Happy Early birthday as well! It's not so bad getting a bit older. :)

♥ Dani said...

I love love love Army Wives... but definitely watch it from the beginning. I can see how you'd not like it starting with a random episode!

You asked about the cookies in care packages... I used a little ziploc-type machine that sucked all the air out. They sell them at Walmart and Target for pretty cheap! You just put the cookies in the bags that work with the machine, put the open end of the bag in the machine, and it sucks all the air out and seals it for you!