Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Wii games

This week Ive been working really hard on all of my presentation and my papers and whole bunch
of stuff that I have to do for school.
 I told myself
this week that I was going to bum it and have some fun.

Buuttttt being semi broke(not really I just dont like to touch my saving), I really just wanted
to watch movies and just catch up on my Wii games.

We've had our Wii for about a year now, We were going crazyy looking for one, because for some reason everyone was buying one at the same time we were.

The first Wii game we bought  was Mario Party 8! I love the previous games of Mario Part.
This one is alot different becuause this time it's with a Wii remote which gets getting used to, but anyways I need to play this game more, I have not really explored this game. So that will be in my to do list for this wekend.     

This one is probably like our hardest game EVER! Jaime is pretty good at it, because he grew up playing with Mario Bros game. I on the other hand was into Super Mario 64, which is not the same thing in case you were wondering. I am no where near moderate player-ish. I'm still in the beginner mode. While Jaime was gone we tried playing it but Jaime got bored and frustrated because We cant pass the 3rd World and I really would like to pass that part, but we cant.

Before Jaime deployed I told him I would pass the 3rd World.
& Im no where near finishing.

So off to my Wii Igo, to pass the 3rd world.

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Gris said...

I have the Super Mario World. I'm on world 5 but it took me forever to get there. My sisters kids were telling me last night that they alredy passed the game, and these kids are like 7yrs old and 10yrs old. I was like crap, then I'm slow.