Friday, March 25, 2011

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

The other day when I was in the library, thats where I live now, I was doing
 some last minute work before I headed home, I stummbled upon the song  
This I swear from Nick Lachey.

I dont know if ya'll remember the TV show 'Newlyweds' from Mtv?
It was my favorite show.

It reminded me of me and Jaime(everything does), only reason is because Jaime always thinks he's right and well, I can be a little on the airheaded side ,which Im sure the hubbs gets a kick out of it when it does happen=)

Anyways I have all seasons.
When I head that they split, I felt so bad, I swear, it felt like they had let me down.
Sad to say.

The world is not right without them together.
I secretly wish they get back together.
I loved them together..
I thought they would be the celebrities to set the example for everyone else that Marriages do work.

Thanks for reading about my wishful thinking and sort of a random post=)

Happy Friday=)

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Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

OH man ... I remember that show! My roommate in college owned it and one day when I was sick I lay on the couch and watched like the whole season back to back. I loved the one with the hot air balloon ride surprise. I agree it was so sad when they break up ... that kind of news really hits you harder when you're married, I think!