Monday, March 7, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Things you've learned about relationships

1. Have a date night at least once a month.
My mom told me this one, she always said to make time for each other
because life can get in the way and you need to find time to be just together.

One of our date nights with friends=)

2. Make decisions together
Jaime and I learned this one from our parents.
I dont think his parents and my parents make decisions together,
both my parents like
to be in charge which is why they bump heads all the time.
We have learned from both of our parents.
Making decisions together works very well
in our case=)


Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love your # 2 of make decisions together. Brent and I always make choices and decisions together. It makes everything so much much more simplier then if we tried to make them on our own instead of together. I find while making them together it allows us to know exactly what plans are what and such.I am glad that you and Jaime can make choices together and be opposite of how both your parents were. I am sure it makes things easier on you both as well :)

Leah said...

Loved that you said to take a date night! So many people don't I fear but it is so important. It always amazes me how people will spend thousands of dollars on weddings, but not a dime on their marriage. It is important to "maintain" your marriage like you would change the oil in your car - regularly! =) You don't even have to spend money to "date" but the quality time is vital! Enjoyed reading your post!