Monday, March 21, 2011

Top Two Tuesday

This weeks Top 2 Tuesday is perfect!
The other day I was having second thoughts on buying our first house,
I mean it's a huge step right?lol
It's funny how Im having cold feet buying a house but I didnt have cold feet before I  married Jaime...
I find that hilarious!!!

5 months to go till we start the process of our 1st home=)

Anyways I am looking around already for houses(I probably should not:/) and Im already thinking of what exactly we are going to be looking for, we know 3 bedrooms and 2 baths is the most that we want from a house, the least is 2 bedrooms and 1 bath & just build whatever we want later on the years, which btw we dont plan on spending our lives here.
We also are looking for a fixer-upper, we want to create our own home=) dream=)

So anyways on to Top 2 Tuesday

1. Megans Room-for sure this room is going to be our favorite room to decorate together=) He does not want me to get started on planning this room because he wants to be part of it. But I know that I want purple for sure, Pink is just too..hmmm, well lets just say everyone uses that color for girls.
love this's perfect!

2. Play room/Office room-My husband,a couple of weeks ago,gave me the third room,it was originally going to be his office & music room/Megans playroom.
But since Mr.Builder wants to build his own place in the back of the house,he gave it to me. So yay!! Im gonna have fun designing and painting the room for Megan and I.
Can you tell that My husband and I dream alot!=)

the only problem I see in this pictures is the huge wall,other than thats it's cute!

Happy Tuesday=)


Caroline said...

Great choices! I love the playroom/office combo. So cute!!

Beth McC. said...

lve that playroom/ office!! That purple wall is CUTE!

aykra said...

I love the idea of combining the playroom with your office! Great way to multitask, eh?

La Cabrona said...

I loooooveee the decorating ... it makes me want to decorate my house...always wish i was on one of those TLC shows ya know!

Amy Rene said...

Love the play/office room. It's done so cute :)