Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I had a really bad day today, but Im trying to stay positive
and going to have to plan for tomorrow,
I have many errands to run=)

So here we go...

 I am Loving that I finished Jaime's next carepackage and will be sending it tomorrow amoung my many errands.
Im hoping that the fritos dont pop:/

I am Loving that I have been sending Jaime a letter a day,
It really hurt me when he told me that everyone was already getting letters and they had just arrived to their destination, but he had told me to wait,so I did. 
Now he is gonna be showered with goodies and letters pretty soon:)

We both like to color our letters...Its tradition:)

I am Loving that spring break is just 2 days away!!
I will not be partying like most 22 year olds, I WILL be enjoying
 Mommy and Megan time=)
and for me thats gonna be the most enjoyable part of Spring Break=)

I am Loving that my teacher Mr.Murphy gave me a very good complement on my math work=) He said that I am doing very good with my work and that
 He knows how much I strive for A's.
Loved it,made me really good=)

I am Loving this camera lens. For my birthday
(hint hint hubs, I know your reading this...and I see you smiling=))

I am Loving this cute red sunny dress=)

&  last but never least I am Loving my husband & daughter=)

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♥ Dani said...

Awesome care package! Great colors! The camera lens is also very pretty. :-)