Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lets clear up the baby #2 situation:)

Going to warn you, this is pretty long:)

I know that alot of the time I either say that I dont think Im ready for baby #2 and then the next I say that I cant wait to have Baby #2.

I have been thinking alot on this subject especially since my husband said something that I never thought he would say but I will get to that when Im done.

This post will be strictly right from my head on the matter, so If you get lost dont worry I talk alot about many different things:)

I do want another baby,I really do, I dont expect to be pregnant when my husband gets home,thats really NOT what I want. My husband said it will be years when we have our next. Now I dont want for it to be years when he wants to have another child I just want the possbility that maybe just maybe we could possibly have another child after Im done with school.Which is not that long.

Then again we agree that we are having WAAYY too much fun with just us three and I know that it will be that much harder when and if we have a child soon. I would like to atleast wait until Im done with school just so that Megan can have some good years just being the only child. I would also like to at least have one year for us three to be homeowners and then we can have baby #2.

 To be completly honest and Im not trying to be mean to my husband but he is able to have kids until he's like possible 70 and for me the cutting age for me would be what? maybe 30..35 cutting it close! Right now I am 22 and Im pretty healthy minus some little mishaps in my body,but for the most part Im very healthy.

I probably sounds like a person that is seriously confused and Im not.
No really Im not!:)
I know that both sides as to what Im thinking are good reason to have and not have another baby.
I mean I dont want to have a baby right away, but when my husband says YEARS that really scares me.
I just want the possiblility that maybe we will have a baby soon, kind of like an open conversation:)

I love to just talk and daydream about having another baby, and how many things different I want to do this time around, so I guess that has something to do with my baby fever most days:)

Another is the thought of another baby being exactly like my husband, I love my husband more than anything he is my rock and he is one of the four people I look up to. I cant wait for another baby to be just like him and for us to have his little boy. oh god How I want a baby boy to look just like him, that would be amazing and I would feel very complete. I mean having another girl would be just as fun,because if you really got to know my husband he is seriously a prince charming with me and Megan:)

I think I can talk about baby #2 all day long. Mostly because I have the vision of a baby boy.

Baby Gonzo:)

So onto what my husband said,yesterday I spoke with him and I told him that Megan loves to watch youtube videos of babies and I had asked Megan if it was ok with her if mommy and daddy have another baby,and of course she said yes because she loves babies. Well I told Jaime this and he said it's possible when he comes home and that we will talk about it.

I was so excited! Thats all I wanted. I just wanted the possibility, I dont want another baby now I just want for him to NOT say years.hahaha:)

So I am excited for the day that we finally get to tell everyone that we are trying to have a baby,I really cant wait for the day:)


La Cabrona said...

omg girl your EXACTLY like me... go look on my blog my summer list it says start baby #2!!! Its nuts but i debated it in my head a thousand times before getting off the shot, but i really feel like my son needs to have a sibling close in age the way i had. Plus we are so alone out here in the middle of nowhere but then this morning it was just us three cuddling and i like that!

La Cabrona said...

p.s. though the more the merrier :)

Gris said...

Your still young, enjoy your time with Megan.
But your also right Megan needs a sibiling. I hope y'all start trying as soon as your Husband comes home.

I don't have kids so I don't know but, it's been 3 years since I had my misscarriage, and I still don't want to try, if it was up to him, we wouldve already started trying.