Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday {Weekend}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
My last class is a 11:00,only take three per semester the only reason is,it's pretty hard being a "one" parent.
So anyways when I got out of school I had this craving for some
 McNuggets from McDonalds, then headed home for
 more studing,thats always fun.
At the end of the day of the day my father found something in our pond!
This little guy!
Apparently this crafish has been shacking up in our pont with our fishes. He's a scary little thing.
Megan and I spent the night watching movies until we fell asleep:)
 Megan and I woke up around 8 in the morning,and I had planned to make
 a semi big breakfast for me and her. I made some crispy
bacon,some pancakes, and some scarambled eggs.
*Sorry for the poor quality,taken by my phone

Not exactly healthy but we hardly EVER eat this,mostly because
 we are always on the go go go.
Then Megans I headed to the stores, We went to store #1 which was
 the bargain store I needed to go to, I ended up not buying
 the stroller that I
 needed and I will tell you in awhile why I didnt. At the time
 I was inside the store Miss Megan thought It
 would be AWESOME
to throw a tantrum while there. Oh my lord that was just torture.
 This was another reason why I didnt buy the stoller.
So then we headed another store she threw another tantrum before we even went in the store. So I ended up not even attemting to go inside.
Long story short, I ended up going to one more store because Miss Megan really needed a time out at home.
It was a fun filled afternoon with tantrums, My daughter is hardly ever like that,I have no idea what happened. Oh well we survived:)
Megan later went with her grandma to run some errands and I did a quick run to walmart, I bought little things I needed for the house and I also bought...

Loved this movie Btw!
At the end of the day we spent the night at my uncles house near the lake:)
My husband is obsessed with this fish!

My dad,my sister,and me:)

My mom and Megan

 I woke up and had a feeling to get on FB, and what do you know. Up pops up My husband on IM:)
He says he's been busy and the phones are a two hour wait, I told him this would do just fine.

It was a great morning "chatting" with him.

I then was called twice by my mother-in-law, Its not that I dont like her,it's just that I constantly have something to do, or Im incredibly L.A.Z.Y. but she had not seen Megan in a lllooonnggg time so I thought I should really go today, so I spent about two hours with her, then I got a very surprising Phone call:)

Yep my husband called me!
I miss him so much.

By the time I arrived at home I had already hung up with my husband and It was time to get back to studing, so I put megan in her little pool while I sat outside on the patio with all my papers and books and enjoyed being outside doing some work.
Oh, it was so nice:)

Perfect way to end the Weekend:)

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