Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday(Warning:long-ish post)

Yes I know it's not Monday but I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to post my Miscellany Monday:(

So here it is My Miscellany Monday that is actually Tuesday:)

(Pete Jr.)Last Wednesday one of my good military friends had her baby boy. We talked for the longest time and It was so much fun carring a tiny little baby again.Ugh I miss little babies:)

(Scentsy)A friend from FB started to sell Scentsy! I recevied my first purchase I think a week ago and I have been wanting to blog about it:) I am in love with scentsy. I have to purchase more though but I dont think I can get enough of that lol.

My first bars were Blueberry cheescake,Flutter and Sweet pea and Vanilla.
I also bought a warmer for my momma so that Nicole can have an extra customer:)

(Easter)We had so much fun all last week for Easter! I would tell ya'll what we did but too tired to tell ya'll every detail:) besided it would take long.

This was Megan's basket when she came home after her Easter Egg Hunt at Daycare:)

We went to Visit her grandma for awhile and she gave Megan an Easter basket

Didnt realize till now but I have no makeup sorry:(

(Spring Semester)- Woohoo! School is out for this week and next week!Ahh!! Im so excited! I recieved an "A" in Student with Special Needs,a "B" in Government and Math:) Im so happy right now!

(Storage)I will be moving all of our stuff from our small storage to our new Medium storage! I know it may be weird but Im so excited. Now I dont want to be mean about my husband organization but I cant wait to do it MY way. (I love you Jaime)
I will show you a before and After picture later but that is what my week is going to consist of:) Me sweating in the good ol Texas sun moving furniture and all of our Miscellaneous stuff:)

Have a good Tuesday everyone:)

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