Friday, April 8, 2011

Mommy daughter day:)

I have probably mentioned this already but
I cant wait to see Toy Story on Ice tomorrow morning!

I'm more excited to spend some time with my baby girl.

I cant wait to spend some mommy daughter time, I feel bad that most of the things I do is read,do homework,and clean. Of course I play with her and talk to her but Its not the same as doing something together and enjoying a little show:)

I cant wait to see the excitment on her face!
 That what Im most looking forward for!

Im really excited!

Then afterwards we are going to Chili's Yum! I need the boneless buffalo wing salad!
Ooo I cant taste it already.hehe

Oh and today I saw the movie Tron!
Holy Moly is that movie good. I thought it was dumb when I saw the previews
 but I highly recommend it!

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