Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

 Megan and my parents went out to eat for some shrimp.
It was yummy, It was a packed restraunt due to Lent.
It was very delicious.
Megan and I went back home and stopped at the dollar store just to see what was what.
I ended buying her a few little things.
She was being a cutie feeding her baby.

I was also on etsy looking at baby boy
 products,because you know, I have a really bad case of baby fever.

& I found this cute onesie=)


Megan and I went shopping to a couple of places.
Megan is starting to be a handful for me, and I have ALLOOOTT of patience, but some people at stores dont. So I have to make sure the Megan is happy when I shop at stores.

First we shopped at a Bargain store,they have lots of neat things and all of the item are new they just sell them pretty cheap. It's like a warehouse.

This is $14.99 at Target, I paid $7.00 at the bargain store=)

I bought Megan a 'Dora' blanket because she always talks about 'Dora' so thought she might like that,which I may add she will not let go of.

Then we went to a thrift store and I stumbled upon this book that I thought was pretty interesting.

We then went home to relax,we had been out for about 6 hours shopping
 & with a Toddler it can be tiring.

My mom bought her some sculptured eggs,that she was able to paint on=)

To finish off the day Megan and I ate some snowcones.Yumm!!!


We had our Annual Volleyball game with our family.
It was sooo HOT outside but my family and I had so much fun!

Im so excited for this Saturday,
Megan and I have been waiting for about three weeks to see Toy Story on Ice.
I think Im more excited than what she is hahaha.

I hope ya'll had a great weekend=)


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