Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good news!

First lets start with the hubbs
 He is now Cpl Gonzalez!!

[I hope this is the patch thing=)]

He was a Lcpl, but he worked his butt off and put a goal for himself and he said that he would at least get out of the Marine Corps a Cpl. & I am So proud of him for accomplishing his goal.
I think though I was more excited,cuz I was yelling on the phone and smiling.Im so happy for him!!

My momma bought me something and It made me cry,she already sees me as a teacher even though I still have two more years to go but I love that she already sees me as a  Teacher. She has very high hopes for Me just like my husband does,my husband makes me go to school even if it's just one day off. Which I cant say that about myself I used to beg Jaime to skip school and hangout with me for the day=)Anyways this is what she bought me=)

Isnt it awesome!!! I love it she made me cry and I cant wait to put it in my classroom:)

My Monday went horrible when it started but it turned out to be the best day yet!!!


La Cabrona said...

Thats so sweet of your mom, i hope to encourage my son that day one day... it keeps u motivated to encourage ur children like that! Ur lucky! And congrats to ur hubby!

Elizabeth said...

So so sweet of your momma! :)

Love your blog!

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