Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Im a slacker:(

This post was going to be for Monday but my Monday didnt come out the way I hoped it would so, this is two days late but here we go....
This Mothers day was very low key,I woke up at 3:30am to the sound  of my phone ringing 'Mud in the tires'-by Brad Paisley and I jumped out of my bed like I always do when I hear that song.

My sweet husband was on the other end,and
he said"whats today"
Me: umm sunday
Him:Its Mothers day!
Happy Mothers day baby!
Me:aww thanks babe

I woke up at 7am but I forced myself to go back to sleep till 9:30 and it was very sweet=)
My mother and I opened presents and she loved hers:)

I have a ton of pictures to show you all:)
Not just on Mothers day:)

My sister is going to Prom this weekend and I told her I would buy her the Jewelry that goes with her Dress
(I will post pictures of her and Matt later)
her dress is a neon green so we were looking everywhere in the mall,and still could not find anything.
Megan was really enjoying shopping with mommy.hahah I can just see my husband giving us a "ya'll need to stop shopping look"=)
He still lets us do it though

My mother had been wanting to paint her dinning room and on Saturday 
We finally went to lowes
to purchase some paint. My mother is CONSTATLY changing
 her mind about everything and this was no different. We discussed colors and she finally came a decision.



this color......

Before I go any further my moms favorite color is purple, so I should not be surprised that this is what it was going to turn into=)
I love my mom.
She really enjoyed all her children painting her dinning room, it was a great Mother's day gift.I think=)

Megan made the craft and a Tutu made from Tiffany.
The Tutu was from her First Birthday and the craft is my first mothers day craft=)

Hubbster made this for Megan, I thought I should put
 it in a Frame since she LOVES It so much

Megan and I bought this for her grandma, I loved it,
 I bought it from Hobby Lobby=)

We made a crafts to my mom from Megan, we stayed up really late making that.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week and I also got some things as well.
My mom is the sweetest.
 She says "In my eyes your already a teacher."

I am going to be for using this teaching/crafts ideas for my students

oh and I just saw yesterday on a Roster that Im a Sophmore, I dont know if
Ive already been a Sophmore but it's nice to
 actually know in writing that I am=)

That was most of my weekend, and I had a blast=)

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La Cabrona said...

how sweet i need to make more time for crafts! I love them!