Monday, May 16, 2011

Learning more and more about myself

Ever since I had my little girl
I was a stay at home mom and I did it for about a year and a half & it was
& I could tell you right now it was the best time ever! I got to see
 many 'First times'=) and for that I am so blessed and thankful that my husband made that sacrifice for us=)

In the time I was a SAHM I learned alot about myself, as much as I enjoyed being
 a mother
I felt myself very unaccomplished,Im not saying that
 being a SAHM is an unaccomplished thing because Im not saying that at all.
Im saying for ME I felt unaccomplished mostly because I didnt finish what I had started a year and a half ago, I have goals for myself.

Jaime and I always had a plan, after he was done with school it would be my turn, so last fall  I started school and OH.MY.GOD. it felt so good to back at school I love learning about new things.

Recently I was off from school for a week and I found myself wishing I was back at school,how sad right?
I mean I do love to just be lazy with my little girl and clean all over the house but oh geez I get bored fast!

Recently I caught myself saying that I would like to be a SAHM after my second baby
is born,  but then I thought about it more and more and the Idea got old.

I dont think I was born to be a SAHM, I was born to be a teacher teaching children and one day maybe teaching my kids from home if they want. I cant be at home for the rest of my life, what would I talk about with my husband?lol

I think some woman were meant to be SAHM mothers but I dont think I'm one of those woman. I think I do a great job at being a student and a mom. & Im sure I will rock it when Im a teacher and a mom to my daughter.

 I have alot of goal for myself and my family and we want to accomplish them=) I know one day my daughter will thank me one day for getting her an awesome house, an education, a nice looking car and so many other things that Im sure she is going to want. & Im going to say "see if you get an education,you can have all these things."

 Right now though I think I get the best of both worlds I get to spend 5 hours in school and the rest of the time Im at home with my daughter:) would you call that a SAHM?lol

 If you are a SAHM I mean no disrespect, again, this is all Me, It my personality and how I view myself and my future:) I really wish I could be a SAHM,but because of the peson I am, I just cant.

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Rebekah said...

Everyone is different! When we have kids, I can't imagine working. All I've ever wanted to do is stay at home with my kids. :)