Thursday, May 19, 2011

What?! Thats my husband!!!!

Unlike other military wives I am unable to see my husband on skype so Its been two
 months since Ive actually look at him.
The company that my husband is in sends family members a newsletter every month filled with pictures of our Marines
and it is so amazing seeing them hard at work.

Last month my husband didnt come out in the newletter so It was more of an Ehhh
 last month.

But this month my husband FINALLY came out in some
 pictures, (Im only going to show one) & lets just say he does not look like my husband
at all!!

So Im going to show you a picture of my husband that I remember in my head and I will show you the new one.Ready?

This was the day he left for training

My hubby never gains weight and he's a pretty skinny guy.

Well get a load of now!!!.....

See the guy pinning the other guy?
 yeah thats my husband(the one with the safari looking hat)!!
 I know you cant see his face,but I spoke to him
 yesterday and he said that was him and I was like "what in the world!!!"
The person in the picture is HUGE!!
 I mean MAN looking, my husband is suppose to be a tiny little man.
 Now he is just buff!!!! with a huge chest.

I cant stop thinking of what he is going to look like when he comes home, to be absolutely truthful, Im scared and excited to see how different he is when he gets home:)Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


♥ Elizabeth said...

I feel the same way when I see pictures of my husband. Last deployment he came home looking rather anorexic. I'm hoping he was able to keep enough ship's food down this go round that he will look "normal" and like the husband I said good bye to!

THEN, I get to ondering if he thinks I've lost weight/gained weight/grew out my hair/chopped it all off! There is so much suspense- because we NEVER skype. I don't even know how.

♥ Elizabeth said...

*dang typos- you always notice them right after you click publish!