Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some very very good news!

 Im linking up this week  with Jamie @this kind of love
Finally Wednesday! Geez this week is flying by...I love It!
 So this is what Im loving this wonderful Wednesday!

I am going to start with my first love that I just cant take keeping to myself,yes it's the announcement I had yesterday.....
I am Loving that my husband is inches away from being a Fire Fighter!
Yep a Fire Fighter! Im really proud of him and I just cant believe this great opportunity is happening for him.

I am Loving that I just had my first lesson done with some students and I could not be more prouder of myself.

I am Loving my little girl will be 3 years old on Friday!  Gosh why is time going so fast...

I am Loving that my husband knows how to sew or should I say I am thankful that my husband knows how to sew. I have no clue how to sew for the life of me hahah, He is so sweet he sewed a pant I needed for class.

 I am Loving the weather we have been having lately!

I am Loving I finally caved on my craving! I cant drink milk at all, my belly will hurt so much so I stay away from most things dairy but I was craving some Chocolate milk.Yummm!

I am also Loving all the Pinteresting Finding:) 

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 I totally remember this with my sister.


Julia Miller said...

Yay for your husband. :) great pins.

Kelly said...

hahahahahahahaha that pic of the uploading a video...thats great! totally relate.
and how sweet of your husband to hem your pants!

The Lee Family Happenings said...

Congrats on everything! It sounds like an exciting time for you :) I have the same dairy problem... but sometimes ice cream is kind of necessary :)

Holly said...

yayyy for your hubby! Congrats :)

Alyssa said...

That 2005 to present one is too true! I get a little annoyed when I have to wait longer than 5 seconds for a video to load haha!

Karla said...

The hubby a fire fighter and you a teacher? Congrats!! Don’t you just love when things start falling into place?
Your blog is super cute.. new follower!

Katie said...

Congratulations to both of you! That's awesome!

Chocolate milk is one of my loves today, too! I've been OBSESSED with it lately. So good.

Have a great day!

Tiffany said...

Chocolate milk and a husband who can sew... what could be better than that? :) Great list!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

How awesome! Congrats to your hubby! My Dad is a retired fireman! Great occupation :)