Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little time for myself while daddy is away

So we are hitting the halfway point and I have to say...
I am so exhausted from going everywhere with Megan.
Megan and I have been BUSYBEES for the past couple of months.
We've had probably like 20 doctors visits combined with me and her, post office,grocery shopping,school,test,cleaning and there are soooo many other things that I know that Im missing.
But seriously this is so tiring!!!

1st deployment was not as bad and hectic as this one, and I know it's because Little Miss Megan is here keeping me company but I am pulling hairs right about now because I have 101 things to do a day or thinking what I have to do tomorrow. Blah.

I am very excited though that this is almost over and I just need a few more months and I will finally have some help. I already told Jaime that I will NOT be doing anything for a whole week.(that probably wont happen),but its nice to dream:)

I know I have been slacking so much on my post but Im finally going to post up pictures of what we've been up to:)

This is when we went to get her first fishy

Bought her some Playdoh and she loved it! She didnt even eat it!

She decided to go crazy on the water:)


My daughter is so obssesed with those converse shoes.

My husbands care package gift, I bought him a Nintendo ds not sure which one,but he really liked it:)

Have a great Wednesday everyone:)

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