Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serioulsy Thursday

For some reason my last post was deleted so let try this again:)

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Seriously...It's already Thursday!! and I only went to school all week only once:) Ahh!!
Serioulsy......Why do military girls have to cause drama we are all suppose to get along for the sake of our husbands. If you have a problem with another wife just talk to them it might just be a misunderstanding.

Seriously....Duke[Megans Fish] already got his bowl dirty! And it's only been three days Serioulsy!!
This is not what I had in mind when I bought her this fish...but for some reason Im thinking of buying another.Weird.

Seriously.....Lately I have been feeling sad because I really really really miss my husband, I hate feeling like my best friends is nowhere in sight.

Seriously...I gave my husband a choice on a vacation trip. I told him hey we could go to Disneyland and finally be able to see all the magic...or we can leave Megan at home with the grandparents and go to Las Vegas and get crazy...he said "Nah Id rather go to Disneyland".....I could not help smiling and saying to myself, this is why I know I married the man of my dreams. Im not into the whole drinking and parting life and neither is he:)

Seriously...I absolutely hate going to the Center[Jaime's base] because all the Ssgt and Sgt are not very nice and they scare the crap out of me. But I have to because I have to drop off some forms for the meeting that we are having in a couple of weeks in Corpus. Oh least Im not going on my own


Katie F said...

Hello! New follower here. I found your blog from the Seriously posts over at from Mrs. to Mama. I'm also a mil spouse too! I look forward to reading more

Mrs. Monologue said...

Fish bowls smell the worst. I had a beta fish for a while in college and the smell made me so sick. I thought the little bugger would last maybe a month and he lived for almost 3 years...go figure.

Sending lots of happy thoughts your way. Your husband will be home before you know it!!