Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

Im Loving Wednesday

Im Loving...That I have been reveiveing phone calls from my sweet husband almost every other day this week and that is a shock but I feel very blessed for it:)

Im Loving..the raining,it hasnt rained for a good while so it feels so good outside and it's so cloudy that its very dark in our house right now.

Im Loving....that I will be finishing the semester in late July.Yay! I will at least have three weeks of doing absolutely nothing but being a bum until Fall semester. That probably not true but it's nice to dream:)

Im Loving...that I am doing very well in my Algebra class, I mean very well. Im so proud of myself and what Im accomplishing:)

Im Loving...Pandora! I was not really into at at first but now,thats all I listen to:)

haha yep I love listening to them=)

Im loving...The Secret Life of the American Teenager,this season is by far my favorite=)

&I really LOVE this picture of both of them

& of course Im loving my two favorite people

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