Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Fever?!..Hold please

Ok so I have been very ill with Baby Fever since..hmmm I wanna say about when Megan turned 2 which was a couple months ago or maybe before that.hahaha

My husband and I have again, brought up the topic and he has said that maybe in a year in a half....

surprisingly!!!, I said "Nahh!!!"

Now hear why I said it...We have about 4 life changing things coming up...

1. buying our first home
(which we already have the realtor in mind and its one of my husbands marine buddies mother,we have our 20 percent ready for the house we have in mind...hopfully it's still available)

2.I graduate
(I will finally be graduating in the summer, and looking for a job)

3. Jaime gets out of the marines..(I hope)
(This will happen a month before I graduate!)

4. Garden Wedding
(I think Ive mentioned that my husband and I didnt get the chance to have an actual wedding,because he was deploying the next day and I would absolutely love to have the dress of my dreams,and I dont want to have a baby belly)

I would love to have a baby right now....but if I give it a minute to think about it I would love to have these 4 things out of the way and focus on them till this next baby comes. By the looks of it we are looking at 1 year and a half. But it's up in the air still...but I do know that we need to do these 4 things.

Until then I will be admiring baby girl items and baby boy items..which leads me to another idea...

dont you just wish you could know what the gender of the next baby, so that way you can buy all the cute stuff you just have to have?

Thanks for reading my baby #2 thoughts:)


Rebekah said...

I am constantly dreaming about babies! I can't wait for us to start our family. You have lots of exciting things coming up and hopefully after those, you add another baby to the mix!

Rebekah said...

I'm just replying to your comment since I couldn't email you back! I only drink Moscato wine. It's sweeter and that's what I like about it! That particular one is Moscato d'Asti and it's more of a sparkling wine. It's my favorite. But there are lots others! I usually just grab a random bottle from the liquor store to try out and they're usually pretty cheap!