Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie for another WILW:)

I am soo loving that we are now in the single digits in weeks for my husband to come home!!!Ahhh!!!!
Yep thats right it's just around the corner,which I have to say Im getting nervous for, I know it's gonna be different with him home,since I have been making all the decision for our little life but hey it's good to have my partner in crime back:)

I<3 this picture!

I am loving that I get to shop this weekend finally. I have not shopped in what seems like two months. Geez! A girl needs to shop!

I am loving that I finally found out why my pictures looks so blurry on here:) & it only took a year to find out(sarcasm) hahahah

I am loving that we have decided to get a puppy!!!
I have so many choices, but we know we dont want a chihuahua, because of a past experience and plus,I want Megan to be protected by the pup:) 

I am Loving that I will soon buy a camera stand,forgot what they are called. Jaime and I have had two already:/ the first one we forgot and the other I kind of broke:/ but I am going to take care of the next one.hahah I say that now:) lol

I am Loving these dresses:) Need to still find a back up dress for the ball:)

The first one is my favorite!..not sure if it's ball appropriate though

& of course I am loving these two crazies:)


Rebekah said...

I'm so glad he's so close to coming home! A puppy would be so fun! I'm trying to talk Dylan into adopting another dog. :) Both dresses are beautiful.

Erin said...

Those dresses are so prety!!
And how exciting that he's close to coming home.