Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's been awhile since Ive done a  Seriously? Thursday. Ive missed It,I feel like I can bitch about things without feeling too bad:) You can join in on the fun too. From Mrs. to Mama

1. The Marine Corps ball is Tomorrow! Ahh. To be honest Im looking forward to a good night sleep at a hotel, not so much the actual ball:P
My husband sewing his blue, I know right?! Sewing!

2. I Forgot to get something for my Boobs(yes I said Boobs!), I forgot to get some kind of bra for my dress! I just realized it last night. So I have to run like a chicken without a head looking for a bra to go with my dress by today.

3. My semester is almost over! Yay! I cannot wait to get a whole month off from classes.

4. What?! Thanksgiving is Next week? No way!..I cant believe it's already next week, I thought I had two more weeks.

5. My daughter keeps asking us for a baby! It breaks my heart all the time but serioulsy little one, just enjoy  this time alone with mommy and daddy please?

6. My daughter is going to be 3 in three months! It is going way too fast, by the time I know it,she's gonna be in Pre-k! Oh my! Im nervous for her evertime.

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