Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Marine Corps Ball-This past weekend we had the Marine Corps ball in Corpus Christi, which is in Texas about 300 miles away from the town I live in. Which is not too bad, it takes about 2 hours to get there. We had a good time, my husband had waayyy too much time though if you know what I mean. He had way too much to drink and we ended the night early because the husband needed to sleep it off already. It was great though to relax with our friends.

 We stayed at the Omni hotel and everyone always says it's amazing and what not. To be honest I hated it, not only was there no complimentary breakfast but the internet was not free, then there was only 10 cable channels. It's terrible. I mean it's extremely nice hotel but I could have gotten something better for what I paid but since the ball was downstairs it was just more convenient.

My Girls:) We are missing one of our other Friends,she could not make it to the ball

 This is the view from our hotel room-It was overlooking the USS lexington

 This was the view from my Friends room

 It looked so pretty when we sat down:)
 This is a terrible picture of us but I left my dlsr camera at home
and just had my phone on me.
My dress:)

Not a drinker- So Im not really a drinker but I do love to drink occasionally. And when I mean occassionally I mean like once every 7 months. I had heard these two bottles were really good. So when Jaime and I found them at the PX we took them:) I still have not tried Skinny girl but the other was pretty good. I didnt have too much because I was trying to take care of my husband at the ball.hehe

State Trooper- So my husband is trying to get a job as a state trooper, Im really nervous for him but Im praying everything runs smoothly. They have called him to put in some paper work that he still needs and then I think they are going to review it. So Im praying so hard for this to happen for him. We need some good thoughts headed our way.

Black Friday- Ok who is ready for Black Friday! I am getting so pumped for it! I dont think Jaime and I are going to sleep for 8 hours to wait up for all the sales. Im excited and we really have our eyes on just a couple of items but Im still so excited.
Thanksgiving- I cannot wait for some turkey on Thursday. All of the family will be back under one roof. Yay! So just in case I am not here till after Thanksgiving....

Happy Thanksgiving:)

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