Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prop Box:Carnival/Circus theme

I had trouble looking for ideas for my prop box with my theme for one of my classes, so I just wanted to take some time and give others who might need some ideas for a Circus/Carnical theme propbox.

 I am not for putting a whole bunch of decoration to where it looks cramped and just gross, so something simple and colorful for the boxes on the themes is great. Then maybe add a label of what Theme it is.

 You got your whip (need to becareful with that), a tie, clown hair, colorful hats

 You have to have animals, they are the entertainment.

 These should be bigger,they were just the originals. These would be some wall pictures for the Dramatic play area.

 This is a small activity. The clowns have a bow with a different color on each and there are bows loose that they students need to match with the right bow on the clown.
 Words with pictures

Need to have some math in there. Some money and Admit one tickets are great for that.

Have fun making your prop box:)

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